Electronic Document Delivery

In addition to the traditional Print & Mail solution for your Transactional Document needs, EMSS has 2 electronic portals for E-Statement delivery. The first portal is a Secured Document Delivery process (Encrypted email). The second portal is a Secured Electronic Statement Presentment application (ESP). Both methods offer tremendous advantages in speed, flexibility and cost savings for all of your document delivery needs.


E3 is our custom-developed Electronic Statement Presentment (ESP) application. In the Transactional Document industry, ESP provides many benefits including cost savings, elimination of paper supplies and efficient document delivery. There are many different applications currently available, but they can be very costly and have many features that are sometimes unnecessary. Our years of knowledge and experience allowed us to develop this application with these very things in mind. The application is user-friendly, simple to use and very functional as an administrative system or a secured web-based application for your customers.

Secured Email

Through EMSS partnerships and alliances, we have the ability to convert your current print processes into a fully secured, self-navigable package that is convenient, simple to use, and widely accepted. Our Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment application gives your customers the ability to conveniently view and pay their bills via these emails all in a secured environment. Other features and benefits include:

  • The ability to view your document offline
  • The ability to view and pay your bills directly from your email
  • Each document remains encrypted on your computer
  • Any risk is confined to one recipient and not an entire database
  • Delivery goes straight to one’s inbox
  • Great tool for surveys, target messaging and selling
  • Consolidation of different applications (statements, bills, notices, etc.)
  • Intelligent integration of marketing inserts or messages
  • Automation of information request process
  • Opt in / Opt out functionality