Mail Fulfillment

Our mail fulfillment services allow you to reduce processing and postage costs by handling many of the steps required to get your invoices, collection letters, statements, and direct mail pieces in the mail. You will no longer have to use valuable staff time to handle your documents in the office. We can process your files and mail your documents quickly and accurately. Using the integrity technologies and standards offered in today’s market, each document is identified, folded, inserted and verified accurately into an envelope according to your specifications.

The following are some of our capabilities and offerings:

  • Eliminate the need to manually fold, stuff, seal, meter and deliver your mail
  • Eliminate the costs of inserting and storage of envelopes
  • Eliminate the costs of non-core items and focus on your core business
  • High volume inserting
  • Selective Inserting
  • Inserting multiple applications for the same customer in one envelope
  • Insert up to 12 pages into a single envelope
  • High-speed camera integrity
  • Overflow inserting
  • Mail Center contingency