Output Processing Services

At our core, EMSS is a Information Technology Processing Center.

What are the opportunities for a company like mine?

EMSS will review and add intelligence to all of the documents that you send to your clientele such as letters, bills, statements, marketing information, credit payments and web transactions. This will allow you to address most of your business challenges, for example:

  • Rate increases
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Modifications to your outgoing messages
  • Document enhancements, document sequencing and selective document insertion
  • Updates to your master files and reports without costly re-programming efforts to your front end applications. All transactions made across your enterprise will have audit trails so that compliance to change controls will be met.

EMSS will be able to analyze all file formats, which include printer and text data files.

What else can EMSS do for our company?

EMSS has a complete document processing service bureau comprised of the following services and solutions:

  • Graphic design services.
  • High capacity processing and high volume digital color, MICR and monochrome printing.
  • High capacity inserters with camera and barcoding intelligence.
  • Full letter shop abilities which includes inkjetting, folding, tabbing, pressure sealing, and cutting.
  • EMSS’ E3 system which is a web-based electronic document archival solution.

EMSS Postal Services:

  • Electronic Address Correction through CASS certified software.
  • Electronic presorting through PAVE certified software.
  • Move Updates through NCOA and/or Ancellary Endorsements.
  • Mail handling services which includes USPS Full Service mailings and carrier route presorting.
  • Delivery services to the USPS airport facility.

EMSS can also deliver your documents through these EMSS hosted portals:

  • Secured Email
  • E3 Document Archive Web portal

Here's more information regarding our Output Processing services and solutions: